The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

Everyone has opportunities to be a leader. However, most people choose to become managers instead.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the distinction between leaders and managers in your own life. A manager is one who assigns tasks. They have a reputation for protecting against risks, and can unfairly be viewed as busy and unproductive. 

On the contrary, leaders live and breathe accountability. Risk-taking is encouraged because leaders know you must take risks to be innovative. Leaders look for ways to push and elevate by offering an enthusiastic ”Yes” to team members who want to experiment. Leaders are a whirlwind of activity. They deliver on time, and always are available to help team members excel.

A leader not only wants to make you a better employee, but a superior person overall. 

Being a leader requires vulnerability and risk.  A leader identifies a problem, and says “Let’s fix it” and takes accountability. Teammates know they can count on you, which allows them to concentrate on other tasks, ultimately creating a more cohesive and efficient unit.

We live in a world with a surplus of managers and a dearth of leaders. If you want to make a difference in the world- if you’re going to change lives- you must seize opportunities to be a leader.

Accountability Propels Your Team Forward!  Check out this Impact Video on Accountability

Leadership is an attitude, not a job title. Leadership is always the harder role. In your next meeting, look for an opportunity to lead. If you seize that chance, it should scare you! But, you’ll also feel thrilled and alive. Being a leader will propel you to new heights, and oftentimes, more leadership opportunities.

I challenge you to take the harder role and find one opportunity to exercise leadership this week.