Blue Angles walk the jetway

Unlock Elite Team Performance with the Glad To Be Here® Debrief Challenge

But when you lay it all out on the table and truly start connecting with your team… not even 12 Gs can hold you and your team back from entering the high-performance zone.

As a former Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels, I’ve seen what it takes to achieve elite performance.

I still remember being 12 years old at an air show when I first saw the Blue Angels fly. At that moment, I just knew I wanted to become one of those elite pilots one day.

Through relentless training and focus, I made my childhood dream a reality. 

Flying alongside some of the best pilots in the world at speeds of 500 miles per hour with no room for error required absolute precision and purpose.

Now, I’m bringing that same high-flying energy and execution from my time with the Blue Angels to your organization. Helping you inspire excellence in your team.  

Through the Glad To Be Here® Debrief Challenge, I equip leaders like you with a proven formula for creating a positive, high-performance culture. 

The result is a resilient culture where your people are innovating, serving customers, and driving the bottom line like never before. 

Discover how this program equips leaders and teams with actionable strategies for exponential growth. Expect to foster an environment where innovation, service, and results flourish like never before.

At the end of the 90-day digital experience, your team will be ready to:

  • Overcome tough challenges and obstacles.

  • Innovate and execute beyond expectations.

  • Connect, align, and commit to a shared purpose.

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Leverage Team EQ to reach new heights.

Every Team Is Unique & So Are Your Needs

Let’s dive deep into how the Glad To Be Here® Debrief Challenge can be customized to fit your team perfectly.

Module 1: Cultivating A Mindset for Greatness

Adopt the Glad To Be Here® Mindset of gratitude, optimism, growth, and transparency to fuel your team for continuous improvement.

Learn the 4 steps of the Diamond Performance® Framework that connects, aligns, and commits your teams.

Module 2: Developing Team EQ 

Discover why emotional intelligence is the “secret sauce” for elite teams.

Practical ways to develop empathy, self-awareness, and compassion in your culture.

A tried and tested Check-In Process to set the table for quick wins and build momentum for future gains.

Module 3: The 5 Dynamics of the Glad To Be Here® Debrief

Creating a safe environment to communicate openly about concerns and new ideas for improvement.

How to embrace humility and connect to a purpose higher than oneself.

How to inspire accountability and drive clear direction and priorities. 

Reinforce an ever-present attitude of gratitude.

Module 4: Lead Your Team to New Heights

Perfect the art of purposeful meetings initiated by insightful debriefs.

Real-world examples of a Glad To Be Here® Debrief

How to address limiting beliefs

Plus, team exercises to implement every day.

You have a choice – continue with the status quo or equip your team to reach new heights.

Join over 2,000+ companies, including IBM, Coca-Cola, Google, and Intel, that have transformed their teams with these concepts. Unleash your team’s potential and soar to new heights together.