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Ready to ignite a culture of continuous improvement?

Glad to Be Here
John Foley speaks to a large crowd

What’s the Secret?

What’s Included?

This new high-performance immersion experience has been developed from the ground up. Your team will have lifetime access to: 

Over three hours of John’s engaging teaching videos will challenge you and your team to unlock your full potential.

48 pages of printable activation guides with over 100 questions and prompts to reflect, implement, and engage with on your own and as a team.

Specifically formulated facilitator-led questions and exercises that equip your team to dive deep and take action.

The Debrief is a simple, but team-changing tool that provides a quick win for your team and builds connections.

In the Glad To Be Here® digital experience you will learn…

  • The Superpower of Glad To Be Here®
  • The framework and tools necessary to create a Culture of Continuous Improvement
  • What Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and how it impacts team success
  • The Five Dynamics of the GTBH Debrief and the values they create
  • The GTBH Debrief Framework (still used by the Blue Angels today)
  • Tactical insights and deployment details to empower your team
  • Why Team EQ can be leveraged to enhance your organization’s strengths

You will walk away with:

So if you’re ready for your team to accomplish the extraordinary, let’s get ready for takeoff!