Greg “BOSS” Wooldridge

The 0.001%

Greg’s success leading the Blues is an example for any team striving for elite excellence.

Tip of the Spear

Being an effective leader requires a mindset of trust, confidence, and open communication.

Focus & Precision

Every maneuver comes with risk. Greg employs strategies to emphasize focus while maintaining accuracy.

About Greg

Greg Wooldridge is the only commanding officer to have led The Blue Angels for three tours. Because of his heart-driven approach, he was recalled twice after his first tour to lead two more teams through challenging times.

During his time at flight candidate school, Greg embraced the power of collaboration and teamwork, witnessing how it could enhance individual performance. As the commander of a carrier squadron, he recognized the incredible potential of a motivated team operating at peak efficiency.

When appointed as the Blue Angels’ Commanding Officer, Greg’s journey exemplified the realization of his dreams and the transformation of his beliefs. His remarkable achievements demonstrate how any organization can redefine the meaning of high performance.