Enabling A Performance Culture

Matrix Management, Organizational Alignment, Continuous Improvement, Culture of Excellence

The Organization

GEODIS is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in its field in Europe and the WorldWith the recent acquisition of OHL in 2015, GEODIS is one of the leading Supply Chain Management companies in the USA. GEODIS has more than 160 sites strategically located throughout the USA. It services a total warehousing surface of more than 37,673,685 sqf where a wide range of industry sectors are served.

The GEODIS business development group has embarked on a Culture of Excellence journey that is enabling a shift to a matrix organization, which is improving the business motion of proposal response and transition to implementation. The model has the potential for sustained high performance for the teams within the group and is intended to improve organizational health by increase collaboration, employee engagement and self-responsibility. The model has improved specific metrics resulting in business outcomes for the company.

Leadership Development

The program from John Foley Inc delivered by Admiral Mike McCabe is focused on both organizational dynamics and adoption of a culture of excellence. The foundation of this is a mindset that challenges belief levels, creates alignment, creates a cadence of preparation and relies on continuous improvement and self-responsibility that creates trust.

“We selected JFI because they gave us a “way of life”, a culture that promotes winning, caring, continuous improvement and accountability. We now have a platform that we will build on to create a cultural shift in our organization. An exceptional experience from true leaders and American heroes.”

Steve Silverman

The key for the program was to balance both the tactical and strategic implementation of process of a new matrix management model with the leadership and team dynamics required for high performance.

John Foley Inc was engaged to facilitate a leadership framework focused on the enablement of team dynamics and behavior that would highly complement the new organizational model and process. Admiral Mike McCabe worked closely with Steve Silverman, The Senior Vice President of Integrated Solutions and Implementation, to define how the framework is applied within the Geodis environment and where there might be ongoing challenges that need to be addressed.

The program created adoption points into the process and analyze modifications required to make the process fully functional. In parallel the adoption of the culture and mentality of matrix management and team performance was required for managers to understand how to lead and gain buy in.

Impacts & Outcomes

The objective of the program met and exceed expectations. The program enabled a mindset of process improvement from preparation and performance analysis done in a safe environment. The Brief and Debrief became cornerstones of a culture of learning that translates to improved process and performance with a positive undertone.

“The JFI Team took the time to understand our business process, objectives and desired outcomes then they developed a leadership and culture development program. After reorganizing our organization to meet the dynamics of our fast growth business we needed more than a traditional training program around functional work teams. “

Steve Silverman

The success of the program has double digit increase in RFP wins due to the efficiencies and improvement of RFP responses from the matrix organization. Yet the largest impact has been the transition of wins to onboarding and implementation of the customer which has saved time and resources and an improved deliverable and the customer experience.

Steve Silverman