What You Need To Know About The Blue Angels’ First Ever Female Demonstration Pilot – And How It Could Change Your Life!

The U.S Navy Blue Angels are more than an aerial demonstration team, they’re an American institution. For nearly 80 years, hundreds of world-class active-duty Sailors and Marines have been wowing crowds with their breathtaking performances. Nearly 500 million fans have watched their shows in all corners of the globe, including Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America.

How The Blue Angels Transform Lives 

As a former lead solo pilot in the Blue Angels, John “Gucci” Foley is a huge advocate – not only of the great work the Blue Angels do when it comes to highlighting the importance of naval aviation – but for the core values and lessons that anyone can take from the USA’s most skilled pilots. 

While the Blue Angels proudly represent the heritage, agility, flexibility, resilience, and significance of naval aviation to 21st-century warfighting there’s one thing that’s been missing… 

Until now, every Blue Angels demonstration pilot to ever grace the skies has been a man. 

But Lt. Amanda Lee is here to change that… 

An Elite Team Committed To Equal Opportunity

The culture within The Blue Angels has always been one of equal opportunity and fair outcomes. Over the years, the Blue Angels have recruited hundreds of women, but the first-ever female Blue Angels pilot was Captain Katie Higgins, who was selected in 2015 to pilot the Blue Angel’s Lockheed Martin C-130T Hercules transport aircraft.

As an elite aviation demonstration team, they can only recruit the best of the best and this commitment to excellence has bred their pioneering attitude towards equality and diversity.

Today Lt. Amanda Lee is leading the way for elite female aviators as the first female pilot to fly as a member of the Blue Angels demonstration team! 

From UPS Worker To World-Class Pilot

Lt. Amanda Lee’s story is an inspiring one. She was at the University of Minnesota, working for UPS when she decided to join the US Navy. 

A successful career as an Aviation Electronics Technician led to her selection into the Seaman-to-Amiral (STA-21) Commissioning Program. From here, Lee achieved a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Old Dominion University and earned her commission in August 2013.

Lt. Amanda Lee was designated as a Naval Aviator in 2016 and has been deployed on numerous exercises including working with NATO allies.

A Maverick In The Making

As Top Gun Maverick continues to be a raging success, with over $1 billion in ticket sales around the world, more people than ever before are excited to learn and talk about the incredible Navy pilots.

This is great news! 

For years John “Gucci” Foley has been spreading the news of his lessons learned as a Blue Angel lead solo pilot. The key principles and strategies he learned in his time flying have helped thousands of business owners, individuals, and CEOs to achieve more, perform better, and develop a contagious attitude of gratitude and a “Glad To Be Here” mindset. 

The Principles Of Success That Can Transform Your Life 

Lt. Amanda Lee has proven herself to be an exceptional pilot that doesn’t adhere to stereotypical gender expectations. She’s excelled in several male-dominated spaces and has now made aviation history by claiming female territory within a prestigious team of elite pilots.

But how has she done it? To achieve this level of success in such a competitive and demanding field requires some serious determination. She will have had to draw on many of the key lessons learned from the Blue Angels that John “Gucci” Foley delivers in his training. 

Principles such as: 


Lt. Lee has had great faith and trust in her chosen path. She’s chosen to follow her calling despite being a female going into an area where females are few and far between.


The commitment to show up every day and do what it takes to develop the incredible skill needed to become the best female pilot in Naval history.


She’s had the courage to choose a goal that no other woman has achieved. And to see it through, even when times got tough and it seemed impossible. 


Lt. Lee has proven her ability to overcome adversity and become the pilot she wants to be.


Her passion and energy are of the kind that we see in the most successful and memorable heroes. You can’t achieve greatness without passion. 


Belief in herself and belief in her team is key to this story. Lt. Lee could not achieve what she has without a strong belief in herself and the ability to trust her team explicitly. 

How Lt Lee’s Story Can Help YOU 

While Lt. Amanda Lee is among the first female pilots to fly with the Blue Angels, she certainly won’t be the last. Her story, and those of the women that came before her, have paved the way for future generations and will inspire more ambitious and daring women to take to the skies. 

But even if you don’t want to become a pilot, Lt. Lee’s story can change your life too. 

By practicing and implementing those key principles above, you can improve your performance in anything you do. Achieving more and having a bigger positive impact on those around you.