Glad To Be Here®


Elevate belief levels and passion-driven performance.


Move from pointing and blaming to flying in formation.


Create courageous ownership with a bias for results.

Patrick Cowden

Gratitude creates the context for limitless team potential!

Our Glad To Be Here® Mindset and Diamond Performance Framework work together to fuel their success.


Feel better about themselves when their leaders are more grateful


Of employees work harder for a grateful leader


Would stay longer at a company if they felt more appreciation


Share your goals so we can develop a flight plan with you.


Elevate your team’s passion with a high-energy keynote.


Activate your team’s potential with our training solutions.

Portrait of Margaret Schmitt

Thanks for being a positive influence for all of us, John. As always, I am looking forward to your next post. Glad to be here!

Portrait of Stephanie Cotton

He delivered an exceptionally relatable presentation leaving me with even more of a desire to be a high performer within my own department.

Portrait of Dianah Bogan

The thing that stuck with me the most about John Foley is the environment/culture that is created in the after-action learning sessions.

Portrait of Marvin Boakye

John’s great level of energy, passion, and engaging with our Executive Team was incredible!

Portrait of David Boedker

Gucci, you were off the charts brother! My phone has lit up with text messages saying we have to have Gucci back, you were hands-down the best all week!

Portrait of Barret Howell

The fact that you have created a habit of starting your day being grateful in the moment and training yourself to immediately reflect on the prior 24 hours was really impactful. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Gucci!

Portrait of Barb Collins

He spoke in ways that made sense to everyone about how our organization can elevate high reliability to an entirely new level. I believe everyone who heard that talk left feeling engaged, inspired and committed.

Portrait of Irene H Chavez

Our healthcare staff, nurses, doctors, technicians, housekeepers, and administrators are all Glad to be Here!

The High Performance Zone, hosted by our own John Foley, shares the mindset and methodology for achieving high performance and inspires you to pursue success fearlessly. 

John draws on his three decades of leadership as one of the top 1% of the top 1% pilots in the world, a global leader, and in-demand keynote speaker to share his own expertise and interview others who have excelled in other areas of life.

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