4 Keys Building Resilience

Resiliency is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and is a quality that will help you through the toughest of times.

It is not a physical thing though, it’s a mindset. It’s essential to look forward when facing a challenge and whenever possible, treat a threat as an opportunity.

Changing how you perceive difficulties is half the battle, and with the right mindset, you’ll overcome anything. The Glad To Be Here Mindset is all about changing your perspective and becoming the very best version of yourself.

Here are some super easy tips on how you can display more resiliency.

Show Up

When you are facing challenges and difficult times, the most important thing you can do is to show up as your best self.

How you show up will impact your results. 

Here are four things scientifically proven to help with resiliency:

If you can show up with these four attributes, then you’ll be able to overcome anything life throws at you.


Having the right focus is incredibly important. The ability to focus works best when you block out distractions, which with so much noise around is a difficult thing to master.

The brain has an incredible ability to focus when needed. It’s this constant flow of concentration that keeps you alert and alive. Mindfulness techniques will train your brain to be in a flow state which is essential when trying to focus.

The trick is to block out what you don’t want and focus on what you do want. Many different techniques like visualization and meditation can help you achieve this. 

Practicing these regularly will train your brain to better focus. It takes time if you’re new to it but mindfulness is completely trainable and with practice and perseverance, it becomes easier and easier to do.


You need to change your body if you want to change your mind and resiliency is a state of your mind.

Just getting outside daily for a walk is scientifically proven to increase positive energy. That’s why it feels so good. The more you move the better you feel.

When you sit still for too long there’s less blood flowing around the body and you feel slow and sluggish. But it doesn’t take long to get your body in the right state.

Make time to get your body in a state of energy that is proactive. Daily movement should be a habit because once you‘ve made it a habit you’ll need to do it every single day.

Habits can be trained, you just need to make them a part of your daily life.

Mindset Flip

The Mindset Flip (or ‘Gucci Flip’ as we call it) is all about perspective. Once you’ve flown upside down, it changes your view on things significantly.

If you haven’t got a plane, you can get an idea of the benefits by doing yoga moves like headstands or handstands. Working upside shifts your energy and reverses the energy in your body.

Gravity pulls you down every single day. It actually starts to feel good when you give your heart, veins, and blood a little chance to breathe.

As well as the physical benefits of going upside down, flipping your mindset is a whole other game-changer that alters your whole perspective. Ask yourself, is this a threat or an opportunity

The world needs this more than ever now. It is so easy to focus on your own perspective, it’s often hard to see it from someone else’s side, especially when it differs from yours.

People are afraid to embrace someone else’s perspective, but the ability to do this will help you tremendously and create more resiliency in all aspects of your life.


Having a purpose is incredibly important. Meaningful intention can help you stay focused on the things that matter most to you like family, friends, career, and more.

People who feel like they have a purpose and meaning in their life are usually happier. They have more energy and are more motivated. This attitude and care can reverse the aging process and encourage physical resiliency as well as mental resilience. 

The great news is that there are many ways you can bring your body and your mind to a healthier state. 

It starts with awareness, and with the right awareness, you can make the right decisions.

If you follow these 4 steps then you’ll be able to face any kind of adversity with ease. A mental state of resiliency is the key to navigating through change and if you can train your mind and body to show up and work through it then you’ll be truly unstoppable.