PODCAST: CO of TOPGUN Tom Trotter with Wisdom From The Sky

Guest: Tom Trotter

Show Live With: “You’ll never work a day in your life if you turn your passion into your profession.” 


Tom Trotter has the career path that every naval aviator dreams about. He is the former commanding officer of TOPGUN and a Carrier Air Group Commander who oversaw nine squadrons and 2,200 personnel. Tom has almost 4,000 flight hours in the F/18 and is certified in an amazing array of aircraft. He has followed his passion for flying from the time he was a child to the present day, flying, instructing and managing aircraft through his company Eagle Top Flight. In the field of aviation, Tom is an extreme high performer.


Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Freeing your soul in an airplane
  • Landing a helicopter on a boat without training
  • Wisdom from 5,000+ flight hours in a fighter jet
  • Drinking in Reno with Herb Kelleher
  • Becoming a Carrier Air Group Commander
  • F/14 Tomcats vs. F/18 Super Hornets vs. SU-27s
  • Cultural shifts in naval aviation
  • Tough decisions as the CO of TOPGUN
  • The extreme detail of a TOPGUN murder board
  • The key to successful brief and debrief
  • Call signs: why they stick and when they don’t
  • Fact vs. Fiction in the movie TOPGUN


Tom’s Links: 

Website www.eagletopflight.com

Email: eagletopflight@gmail.com

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