Next Year It’s Ours

Standing on the field at Saturday’s Army-Navy game, I felt the sheer significance of the event all over again. As the snow fell, I looked around the arena and saw a sea of midshipmen and cadets on the journey of their lives. I thought about my Dad, the countless story lines overlapping, from General MacArthur to Roger Staubach.  All the men and women who have or are currently serving our great nation.  Pride, professionalism, and commitment at its finest.  There’s a special growth that occurs when you attend the academy, both professionally and personally. It’s part of the process of taking on a higher purpose. Everyone who was at that game was playing a part in that story.

I cheered from the sidelines with two Blue Angels, former Boss Tom Frosch and the current XO of the team, Matt Kaslik. As we watched Navy fight through the heavy snow in the blue and gold uniforms imbrued with the Blue Angel colors and crest, I felt a deep sense of Glad To Be Here. I’m grateful to be reminded what this game represents to so many people, and to play my small part in keeping that spirit alive.

Congratulations to Army on winning the Commander in Chief’s Trophy.  Next years it’s ours.

Go Navy!