How can you drive continuous process improvement and build team dynamics at the same time? It requires a functional and safe environment, where everyone can be open and honest without fear, where everyone owns up to their mistakes, promises to fix them, and engages in a spirit of gratitude and a commitment to the team. This is the place where Glad To Be Here comes to life.

The Debrief process is based on John’s experience with one of the world’s greatest high performance teams and filters that core process through his experience at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Typical meetings and after action reviews can fail because of a culture of fear and shame. That’s why Glad To Be Here Debrief goes beyond immediate results, and becomes an essential tool that connects people to their teams at the deepest level.



This program is based on the Dynamics of Debrief. Every debrief is an opportunity to engage with these five dynamics, and spread them from the debriefing room, into the lifeblood of the company. Each chapter of the book revolves around a single dynamic, giving your teams the knowledge and the necessary tools to make that dynamic a reality in their debrief.

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