From PCs and Servers, to Smart Phones and Tablets
Intel has historically dominated PC and server markets. However, with the rise of tablets and smartphones, the consumer electronics market is changing, creating new challenges along with new opportunities. In light of that change, Intel’s company wide response included innovative products, and notably, new approaches to business culture, including an initiative to take leadership and teamwork to the next level.


A High Performance Keynote Inspires Further Collaboration
Twice a year, Intel gathers it’s worldwide marketing staff to “educate, motivate, and invigorate.” As an integral member of a cutting edge marketing-ops team, it falls on Terry Scalzo to curate the speakers at these events. Finding speakers in line with company goals to increase teamwork and promote innovation was no small task–the number of potential speakers is incredible. Of the journey that brought John Foley to the event, Terry said in an interview,

“In that particular field, there are A LOT of keynote speakers — and that is an understatement. There’s even a number of navy seals and other fighter pilots who speak, but the thing that resonated about John is his education. His professional experience, his multiple MBAs, his time at Stanford. Here you have a man who, as the lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, was the best at what he did, but that doesn’t define him. This is also a guy with astounding professional success.”

After every keynote event, Intel’s Corporate Marketing Group gives a survey to assess audience reaction to speakers. Terry spoke about the results, saying: “Scores for John’s presentation were higher than we’d ever seen for any speaker – 4.97 out of 5. We’ve had a number of high profile speakers, authors, thought leaders, and consultants over the years. No speaker since John has even come close to those numbers.”

John’s high scores, and his ability connect with the audience prompted the corporate marketing group at Intel to search for further ways to collaborate.


A one day off-site with Intel’s CMO and her executive team
After the success of John’s keynote, Intel’s Corporate Marketing Group worked with John Foley Inc. CenterPoint Companies to create an off site training that would unpack and apply the specific tools from John’s Diamond Performance Framework. The training day was highly successful. Definitive breakthroughs were made in discovering the team’s belief levels, and challenging them to push beyond the limits of what they thought possible. Trust was built, the team created verbal and non-verbal contracts based around the CEO’s prompt, and progress was made. They were taken further into High Performance, but the collaboration between John Foley Inc. Centerpoint Companies and Intel’s Corporate Marketing Group was far from over.


Implementing The How of High Performance
After the success with training upper management, the decision was made to take John’s core concepts down to the next level of leaders so that it might spread throughout the organization. They brought John and a facilitator to Silicon Valley for a face to face training session with a group that included the senior marketing staff, as well as people managers in the Intel Corporate Marketing Group.

The training was described by one attendee as, “an emotional journey.” Honesty was at the forefront, truths were delivered without sugar coating, and the team built trust that was entirely new. As a result of session, the team came together to address organizational challenges in a way they rarely had in the past.

After the cycle of these three events, it became clear the collaboration between Intel’s Corporate Marketing and John Foley Inc. was more than just a business engagement. It was a process, and a journey where each milestone took the group deeper into High Performance. And today, the journey continues as Intel’s Corporate Marketing Group works to apply elements of the Diamond Performance Framework to their culture of continuing success.